We connect top brands with passionate audiences through Tiktok, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, bloggers, and social media influencers from emerging channels.

Contentsu is a globally distributed team of the world’s most engaging influencers and makers.

We built communities from scratch through content.
Video content tops the charts for internet usage: the average user spends more than 10 hours a day online (three hours longer than the global average).

About us.

We are a full service influencers studio specializing in social.

Modern media and brand-building takes place in social. It's a space where brands become "human" and where humans become "brands". Translating humanity into scale and product into personal is what Contentsu does.

We have refined our processes to optimize performance, identify trends and top converting pieces of content, and build a relationship with influencers to scale campaigns and have a maximum impact. Our results-driven campaigns are built to achieve the highest return on investment for our clients.

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